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Youreka! See Intuit

A booth in the Because Dreams Need Doing tent at the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

National Mall, Washington, D.C.

Free and open to all

Tent #102 (in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool)

A Collaboration between the Imaging Research Center, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences

What is intuition? How does it work? Join media artist Lee Boot and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, to explore your own intuition at work.

The thrill of discovery is characterized by the word "eureka!" In a flash of intuitive insight, a problem is solved and a new understanding is born. Such moments are associated with creativity and innovation.

At this time in our history, there is a call for real innovation to help make progress on the most vexing problems we face as people. Unfortunately, it seems that the more overwhelming a problem is, the less likely it is to be met with a creative solution. Confused with instinct and emotion, intuition is suspect.

New research indicates that the human brain is not only structured to provide intuitive insight, but that such capability, because it is not a linear process like reason, is what gives the human mind value beyond that of machines. It allows the brain to make connections before "we" do. It allows a brain to be smarter than its owner!

See Intuit is intended to provide:

- A glimpse of current science about intuitive insight
- An experience that could stimulate intuitive insight in your brain
- An opportunity for dialog about the value of intuitive insight
- A vehicle for further research to help determine how to best stimulate intuitive insight.

Click here to visit the www.seeintuit.com/ Web site

Click here to visit the USA Science & Engineering Festival Web site

Click here to see photos from the Festival on Flickr

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