The Creative Mind - Traveling Exhibit

"All we need…is to set the creative mind to work." --George Washington Carver

Children visiting The Creative Mind exhibition while on view at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

About The
Creative Mind

THE CREATIVE MIND is a traveling exhibit that celebrates the contributions of African Americans to medicine, mathematics, engineering, and all branches of science. It features the careers and achievements of some of today’s outstanding black scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and medical professionals and highlights the work of notable figures from the past. A “Did You Know?” section brings in additional information about each field, pointing to future career possibilities for creative minds of the next generation.

Availability &

The exhibition is available for loan beginning on April 1, 2024. It is available for loan to schools, universities, libraries, and other qualified institutions. The standard loan period is three months, but it is negotiable. There is no rental fee for this traveling exhibit, but exhibitors must cover the costs of shipping and insurance. There are fees for loss or damage and for late return.
For more information and to request an application form, contact:

Alana Quinn Senior Program Associate
Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences
500 Fifth St., N.W.
Room NAS 121
Washington, D.C. 20001 (emails are preferred)
Telephone: 202.334.2415