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Robert Berks, The Einstein Memorial 

Mike + Doug Starn 

Dennis Ashbaugh 

Art and Architecture Highlights

From the Collection of the National Academy of Sciences

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Robert Van Vranken 

Tim Rollins + K.O.S. 

Hildreth Meiere, The Great Hall 

      Publication of the NAS Art Collection

      Since 1924, when its landmark building opened on the National Mall
      in Washington, the NAS has exhibited work at the intersection of art
      and science. Convergence: The Art Collection of the National
      Academy of Sciences
(2012), now out of print, is the first publication
      to present the Academy's holdings.


Justine Cooper 

Camille Seaman 

Vik Muniz 

        Explore the Convergence: The Art Collection of the
        National Academy of Sciences

Eric Heller 

Michael Schultheis 

Rosamond Purcell 


Tatiana Garmendia 

Terry Falke 

James Perry Wilson 


Cheryl Goldsleger 

Stefanie Buerkle 

Amy Lamb 


Joy Garnett 

Katherine Sherwood 

Constance Mallinson 


Winged Figure by Lee Lawrie 

Sidney Nagel 

Suzanne Anker 


Alfredo Arreguin 

James Sanborn 

Mia Brownell 


Jill Greenberg 

Robert Van Vranken 

Kay Jackson 


John Brosio 

Arthur Tress 

Billy Colbert 


David Mann 

William Couper 

James Perry Wilson 

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