Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NAS Building open to the public?

Yes! The NAS Building is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. A government-issued photo ID is required to enter the building. More information can be found here.  Additionally, the public can visit the building during public events that are offered in the evening or on the weekend.  To be kept informed of public events, join the CPNAS email list.

Why is there an arts program at the National Academy of Sciences?

Arts and humanities are lenses through which we engage a broader audience. By exploring the intersections of art, science, and culture, we hope to make science accessible to the public and to help visitors experience how science impacts all aspects of our lives. For more information on the importance of integrating art and science, the National Academies’ Board on Higher Education and Workforce published a consensus study report in 2018 called Branches from the Tree: Integrating Art and Humanities into Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

What is DASER?

DASER, which stands for DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous, is an ongoing salon series that has been offered by CPNAS for over 13 years.  The program creates opportunities to meet and discuss projects that exist between the fields of science and art. DASER also creates spaces for those interested in cross-disciplinary collaborations to connect with one another.

How often do you change the exhibits?

The exhibitions in the Upstairs Gallery and the West Gallery change approximately every six months. These spaces are primarily used to exhibit art that is inspired by science or reflects a collaboration between scientists and artists.

How do you select exhibitions and programs for CPNAS?

CPNAS accepts proposals year-round. Selections are made based upon innovative connections between art and science as well as the potential of the exhibit to provide a platform for public discourse around science. Proposals may be sent directly to the director of CPNAS, JD Talasek at